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Official Plan Review

Official Plan Review

Meeting and notices pertaining to the review of the Official Plan will be posted below as they become available.

If you have any questions or comments about any aspect of the Official Plan Review, please contact:

Planning and Building Administrator | Tracy Cannon

Phone: 613-637-2650 EXT 203
Email: building@southalgonquin.ca

What is the Official Plan?

The Township of South Algonquin Official Plan is a legal document under the Planning Act. The Official Plan is a strategic planning document which guides the growth, development, and land use changes in South Algonquin. The Official Plan (OP) determines how the Township will manage issues such as: residential growth, housing, aggregate, agriculture, natural heritage conservation and climate change, to name a few.

The Official Plan is required to be consistent with the provincial requirements for land use planning as expressed in the Provincial Policy Statement 2020.

Why does the Township need an Official Plan?

An Official Plan:

  • informs the public on what the province, and municipality’s general land use planning policies are;
  • makes sure that growth is coordinated and meets the community’s needs;
  • helps all members of the community understand how their land may be used now and in the future;
  • helps decide where roads, parks, trails, and other services will be located;
  • provides a framework for establishing municipal zoning by-laws to set local regulations and standards, such as size of lots, or development setbacks from water or gravel pits;
  • provides a way to evaluate and settle conflicting land uses while meeting local, and provincial interests; and,
  • shows Council’s commitment to the sustainable future of the community.

Why is the Official Plan Being Reviewed?

Once an Official Plan is approved, the Planning Act stipulates that a council shall revise the plan no less frequently than:

  1. ten years after it comes into effect as a new official plan; and
  2. every five years thereafter, unless the plan has been replaced by another new official plan

One of the primary purposes of undertaking the review is to ensures the Township’s Official Plan is consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement (2020) and that it has regard to matters of provincial interest.

The Official Plan Review also provides an opportunity for Council and the community to express their opinions about the Official Plan and to ensure that this key document continues to address local priorities and evolving community needs.

The Council is committed to reviewing and, where necessary, updating its Official Plan policies to ensure they remain current, consistent with Provincial legislation and policies, and reflective of local planning principles and objectives.  This OP review and update will incorporate the 2020 updated Provincial Policy Statement to guide South Algonquin in making informed planning decisions consistent with provincial direction.  Jp2g Consultant Inc, a professional planning firm has been retained by the Township to assist in this review.

This project is being completed in consultation with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing who is the approval authority for changes made to the Official Plan.  In addition to broad agency consultation, the public is encouraged express their views on the Official Plan.

Current Official Plan, 2020 Provincial Policy Statement and Ontario Citizens Guide

Official Plan Township of South Algonquin 2016-03-18
Planning Report for Special Council Meeting – August 17, 2022 2022-08-16

2020 Provincial Policy Statement
Ontario Citizens Guide on Official Plans

Preliminary Planning Issues and Policy Options Report – Official Plan Review and Update

Preliminary Planning Issues and Policy Options Report 2022-12-07

Notice of Public Open House and Public Meeting for the Official Plan Update – November 29th & Dec. 6th 2023

Notice of Open House and Public Meeting for the Draft Official Plan 2023-11-02
Draft Official Plan 2023-11-02

Deadline for Comments on the Draft Official Plan


JP2G Consultants Inc. – Official Plan Five Year Review & Update Proposal 2022-05-09
Notice of Special Public Meetings for The Official Plan Review 2022-06-29

Meetings and Events

Regular Council Meeting - October 4, 2023 -- 9:00 AM
Township of South Algonquin Municipal Office, Council Chambers -- Also via Zoom and YouTube Channel Live view meeting details
Special Public Meeting for the Official Plan Review - August 17, 2022 -- 6:00 PM
Township of South Algonquin Municipal Office, Council Chambers -- Also via Zoom and YouTube Channel Live view meeting details
Human Resources/Administration/Public Relations Meeting - June 20, 2023 -- Immediately following the Committee of Adjustment Meeting
Township of South Algonquin Municipal Office, Council Chambers -- Also via Zoom and YouTube Channel Live view meeting details
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