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Fire Department

Fire Department

Fire services in the Township of South Algonquin are provided by Volunteer Firefighters who are managed by a part-time Fire Chief.

The Municipality operates two fire halls:

Madawaska Fire Station
26B Major Lake Road,

Whitney Fire Station
31 Hay Creek Road,

Each station has a pumper and a tanker, there is also a Rescue Truck stationed in Whitney and a truck equipped with Wildland Firefighting equipment in Madawaska. There is an additional support vehicle stationed at each hall as well.

The following is a partial list of the services provided by the Township of South Algonquin Fire Department:

  • Structural firefighting
  • Wildland firefighting
  • Vehicle extrication
  • Medical assist
  • Carbon Monoxide calls

The Fire Chief also does fire prevention inspections and public education activities.

In a Fire Emergency dial 911

District Fire Chief – Madawaska Station | Aurel Thom

Phone: 613-637-5533 (non-emergency)
Cell: 613-334-5018
Email: mfd@southalgonquin.ca

District Fire Chief – Whitney Station | John Stubbs

Phone: 613-637-5555 (non-emergency)
Cell: 613-334-2629
Email: wfd@southalgonquin.ca

Fire Chief | Ian Collins

Phone: 613-334-9697 (This is Ian Collin's cell phone number. It is NOT for emergencies)
Email: firechief@southalgonquin.ca

Before you Burn

The Township of South Algonquin requires property owners to have a Burn Permit for all open-air fires within the Township. Permits can be acquired online and they are good for the entire calendar year. Once property owners have acquired a permit, they are permitted to burn provided they follow the rules laid out in the Township Burning By-law # 18-567 below.

The By-law documents the rules for outdoor burning. Some of these rules include the type of material to be burned, approved containers, and when open air fires are allowed.

3.2 A person capable of containing or extinguishing a fire may burn: piled wood, brush or discarded wood by-products provided:

  1. The fire is ignited at 6:00 p.m. or later and is extinguished at 9:00 a.m. or earlier.
  2. The fire is tended by a person capable of extinguishing the fire until the fire is out.
  3. The pile is less than 2 meters in height and less than 2 meters in diameter.
  4. The fire is at least 5 meters from any combustible materials.
  5. The person capable of extinguishing the fire has adequate tools and water and human resources to contain the fire.

4.1 The installation, use and maintenance of incinerators for the burning of wood like materials, paper and other Class “A” materials within the Township of South Algonquin will only be pursuant to the following criteria:

  1. Incineration must be undertaken through the use of an enclosed device and.
  2. Incinerators must be located at least 5 meters from any forest or any building and.
  3. Incinerators must be located at least 2 meters from any combustible material and.
  4. Incinerators must be covered by mesh less than 7 millimeters (1/4”) in size and.
  5. Incinerators are subject to all the provisions of Part 3 – Open Air Burning and:
  6. Incinerators shall not be used during a municipal fire ban.

Property owners are encouraged to read By-law # 18-567 known as the Burning By-law for more information.

By-law 18-567 Burning 2018-06-07

Burn Rating Indicator

Signs are placed throughout the Township indicating the current burning status

Burn Rating Indicator signs are placed throughout the Township indicating the current burning status.

Day Burning

Day Burning means that property owners may burn at any time during the day with a permit.

Night Burning Only

Night Burning Only means that no fires are permitted between the hours of 9am and 6pm whether the property owner has a permit or not.

Total Fire Ban

Total Fire Ban means that no fires are permitted at any time.

Provincial Restricted Fire Zone

The Township falls within the Provincial Restricted Fire Zone which means that a Fire Ban may be put in place by the Township or the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. A Provincial Ban is enforced by the Township but the MNRF can and will also lay charges if a Provincial Ban is contravened.

Class A Combustibles

Property owners are permitted to burn Class A combustibles only. Class A combustibles means wood and leaves and other yard waste. Garbage, tires, painted or pressure treated wood, or any plastics are never allowed to be burned.

Fire Safety on Carbon Monoxide Resources

Sources of CO and Alarm Location Guidelines
Smoke Alarms: It’s the Law Information Card
Make it Stop Information Card
Home Fire Escape Planning
Fire Safety for RVs, Trailers and Campers

Burn Permits

South Algonquin property owners may obtain a free Burn Permit that is valid for one year by following the link below or by calling 1-833-610-2024.

Property owners may create an account using your email address. For property owners that do not have an email may enter yourname.burnpermit.com  for an email and enter a phone number for contact information.

Property owners obtaining a permit for large fires are expected to log onto the system to register when they burn.

Property owners who are having campfires only are not required to be registered, however by obtaining a permit you receive updates from the township when fire bans are implemented and other important fire related information.

For more information contact Fire Chief, Ian Collins


South Algonquin Burn Permits

Message from the Fire Chief

Message from the Fire Chief October 2022 2022-10-21


By-law 20-617 Appoint Fire Chief 2020-05-15
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