Members of Council


Jane A. E. Dumas - Mayor
Jane A. E. Dumas

Phone: 613-637-5261
Cell: 613-332-8357

Airy Ward

Bongo Bongo - Airy Ward
Bongo Bongo

Phone: 613-553-1965

Airy Ward

Dave Harper - Airy Ward
Dave Harper

Phone: 613-637-5535

Dickens Ward

Joey Vermaire - Dickens Ward
Joey Vermaire
Cell: 613-318-8320

Lyell Ward

Sandra Collins - Lyell Ward
Sandra Collins

Phone: 613-334-0478

Murchison Ward

Joe Florent - Murchison Ward
Joe Florent

Phone: 613-637-2139
Cell: 613-334-2637

Sabine Ward

Richard Shalla - Sabine Ward
Richard Shalla

Phone: 613-637-2114


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