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Emergency Management

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act requires all municipalities in Ontario to develop and maintain an emergency management program consisting of emergency plan, training programs and exercises, public education and other elements prescribed by Regulation.

Emergency Management Ontario (EMO) monitors compliance and supports municipalities in maintaining the required program. Requirements of the program include the designation of a Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC), the development of an Emergency Response Plan and the formation of a Community Control Group to implement the plan if an emergency is declared.

In South Algonquin, the Community Control Group is made up of elected officials and staff who work with and receive input from a range of service providers. If an emergency is declared, this group meets at the designated Control Centre and follow a prescribed process for managing the emergency situation. Training sessions with mock emergency exercises are held annually; this   meets program compliance and also ensures the Control Group remains familiar with processes.

Residents should be prepared for an emergency, the Emergency Management Ontario website has information to help residents and those with disabilities prepare for an emergency.

Works Foreman/Community Emergency Management Coordinator | Aurel Thom

Phone: 613-637-5533
Cell: 613-334-5018
Email: cemc@southalgonquin.ca

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9-1-1 Education Month

April is 9-1-1 Education Month

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

The 2nd week in April is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week

Thank you Dispatchers!

Forest Fire Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Starts with you.

Don’t let carelessness cause a wildfire.

National Emergency Preparedness Week Occurs Annually During the First Full Week in May

South Algonquin encourages everyone to “Be Prepared for Anything”. Get a kit, make a plan and be prepared!



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