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Municipal Shore Road Allowances

Municipal Shore Road Allowances

Most waterfront properties within the Township of South Algonquin have a 20 metre (66 foot) wide strip of land that separates them from the water. These “Shore Road Allowances” were put in place in the late 19th century, on Crown land, to allow for logging and the transportation of goods.

Shore Road Allowances still exist today, and unless title to a portion of the allowance has been purchased by an abutting property owner, it is owned by the municipality. This means that a property owner may not own to the water’s edge, and therefore may be limited in what they can and cannot do on it.

Provincial legislation allows municipalities to sell such road allowances, except any portions of the allowance which are covered by water. There’s an application process to purchase the shoreline road allowance abutting their property and land owners who wish to do so should first speak with the Municipal staff about their plans.


Shore Road Allowance Closure Application and Sale Policy for Abutting Owners 2017-09-11

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