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Application to Construct, Demolish and Septic

Application to Construct, Demolish and Septic

Complete the Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish found below and attach the following:

  1. Copy of a Site Plan that includes any other structures, wells, septics, distance from lot lines and if applicable distance from any waterbodies or creeks.
  2. Two copies and an emailed copy of structural drawings showing construction method. Architectural or Engineered plans are required for all Industrial/Commercial Buildings, and any buildings more than 600 sq. ft. or 3 or more floors. See Part 1- Division C, Table of the Ontario Building Code for more information.
  3. Approvals or permits required from other Authorities (e.g. Ministry of Transportation if your property is along Highway 523, Highway 127 and Highway 60. Visit the MTO website listed below for further information.
  4. Any Applicable Fees (see link to fees below)
  5. Any other information specified by the Chief Building Official

Note: Information that you enter in the form cannot be saved, so it is important to PRINT the form once you have entered all the information. The form can then be submitted, along with all other required information, by mail or in person.

Building Permit Fees

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Application for Construction, Demolition, Septic 2022-01-31
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