District of Nipissing
Planning Fees

Planning Fees

Schedule of Planning Fees

Pre-consultation Application Fee $50.00
Pre-consultation with the Township Planner Cost Recovery
Consent Application Fees $500.00
Minor Variance $400.00
Site Plan Application $500.00
Zoning By-law Amendment $700.00
Official Plan Amendment $700.00
Amendment to Zoning By-law and Official Plan $1,400.00
Plan of Subdivision/Condominium $1,000.00
Site Inspection Water access: any inspections, if adequate, safe transportation is not provided by permit holder $100.00
Advertisement Cost of ad
Administration Fees $50.00
Official Plan, Zoning, Building, Subdivision Compliance Report $50.00
Copy of Official Plan $20.00
Copy of Zoning By-law $25.00

Any extra costs pertaining to any of the preceding shall be borne by the property owner/applicant.

This Article can be found on the following pages: Planning, Schedule of Fees By-law, you may find other valuable infomation there.
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