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Demolition Permits

Demolition Permits

A Demolition Permit is required to demolish any building that is larger than 10 square metres (108 sq ft) or any part of a building that is attached to an existing structure. A Demolition Permit Application is the same application as the Building Permit Application.

In addition to an application and the permit fee, the Building Department requires  the following:

  • A site plan showing the location and setbacks of the building being demolished in relation to the lot lines and other buildings and structures on the lot; and
  • Information on where and how the demolition material will be disposed.

When obtaining a demolition permit, a property owners may apply to the CAO/Clerk Treasurer for the cancellation, reduction or refund for all or part of taxes levied in the year in respect of which the application is made.  Application Form – Adjustment of Taxes (Accessible) can be found below.

Landfill Site Disposal Fees can be found in By-law 20-619 Schedule of Fees – see link below.  Additional fees apply if access to a Landfill Site is required outside of regular operational hours. Contact the office at least one day prior to the day you wish to access a Landfill Site outside regular operational hours. Staff will do our best to accommodate the request, however there is no guarantee the requested day will be granted due to the availability of the Works Department Staff.

Form 357 – Adjustment of Taxes 2009-10-01
By-law 20-619 Schedule of Fees 2020-06-03

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