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Blue Box Recycling Program

Blue Box Recycling Program

As of August 24th the Blue Box Recycling Program will begin at both landfill sites.

Acceptable Items

RECYCLE RIGHT: These items are acceptable in your recycling bin. Ensure all items are empty and clean.

    WHAT Empty and Clean Plastic Bottles, Containers and Cups
    WHAT Empty and Clean Bottles and Jars (All Colors)
    WHAT Empty and Clean Boxed Food and Beverage Cartons, Paper Cups
    WHAT Empty and Clean Aluminum and Steel Cans, Aluminum Foil
    WHAT Newspaper, Magazines, Printed Paper and Shredded Paper
    HOW Shredded paper in a paper bag. This is the only item that should be bagged
    WHAT Flattened and Dry Cardboard

Unacceptable Items

These items are NOT accepted with your recycling and require alternative handling.

  • Organic, kitchen, yard and animal waste.
  • Hazardous waste like paint, gas or aerosol cans, sharp objects, electronics and batteries.
  • Scrap metal, wires and cables, home and construction waste.
  • Napkins, paper towels and food soiled cardboard.
  • Styrofoam™ packaging materials and takeout food/ beverage containers.
  • Textiles, housewares, windows, ceramics, and other reusable items.
  • Large plastic products like bins or trays, pouches, plastic bags, and toys.
  • Diapers and personal hygiene products


In cooperation with Emterra Environmental of Renfrew the township will begin accepting Blue Box Material as of August 24, 2022 at both landfill sites.


Acceptable and Unacceptable Items – Printable Poster 2022-08-19

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