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Recreation Committees

Recreation Committees

The Township of South Algonquin is fortunate to have an active group of volunteers in various areas throughout our Municipality.

These include a number of small groups who gather, sometimes unofficially, to host a wide variety of activities such as waste collection days, Christmas parades, fishing derbies, regattas and many other events that help make our communities unique and vibrant.

In addition to the community collaboration outlined above, the Township also is very fortunate to have two organized group of volunteers in Whitney and Madawaska who meet regularly and plan a variety of events that have become wonderful traditions for both residents and visitors. Some of these events include Valentine’s Day, Festival of Outdoor Rinks, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Egg Hunts, Canada Day Celebrations, sell your wares and fall fun days.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups as a member or if you have an idea or would like to be involved with just one or two events contact the office and we will help direct you to your most local recreation committee.

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