District of Nipissing
Complaint Filing Process

Complaint Filing Process

Any individual who identifies or witnesses behaviour or activity by a sitting Member of Council or a Local Board that they believe is in contravention of the Code of Conduct for Members of Council or the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act may file a formal complaint with the following conditions:

  • A request for an investigation of a complaint that a member has contravened the Code of Conduct (the “complaint”) shall be sent directly to the Integrity Commissioner by E-mail substantially in the form attached to this Protocol as Schedule “A”.
  • A complaint shall set out reasonable and probable grounds for the allegation that the member has contravened the Code. 37 The complaint should include the name of the member, the provision of the Code allegedly contravened, facts constituting the alleged contravention, the names and contact information of witnesses, and contact information for the complainant during normal business hours.

Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

This Article can be found on the following pages: Integrity Commissioner, you may find other valuable infomation there.
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