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Before you Burn

Before you Burn

The Township of South Algonquin requires property owners to have a Burn Permit for all open-air fires within the Township. Permits can be acquired online and they are good for the entire calendar year. Once property owners have acquired a permit, they are permitted to burn provided they follow the rules laid out in the Township Burning By-law # 21-639 below.

The By-law documents the rules for outdoor burning. Some of these rules include the type of material to be burned, approved containers, and when open air fires are allowed.


  1. No person shall start a fire outdoors unless conditions will allow the fire to burn safely from start to extinguishment.
  2. No person who starts a fire outdoors shall leave the fire without leaving a competent person in charge of the fire.
  • A person who starts a fire outdoors or, if the person who started the fire is not present, a person in charge of a fire outdoors shall take all necessary steps to tend the fire, keep the fire under control, and extinguish the fire before leaving the site.
  1. No person shall start or tend a fire outdoors except on land they legally occupy, or they have the permission of the person who has lawful occupation of the property on which the fire is started.
  2. Persons setting any fire within the Municipality shall ensure that they can, if needed, summon assistance from the Fire Department without delay.

3.2       All persons setting an open-air fire in the Municipality shall first obtain a permit online at https://safd.burnpermits.com/, which may be granted if the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. A competent person will be on site to monitor the fire from start to extinguishment.
  2. The person is burning piled wood, brush, leaves or discarded wood by-products.
  • The material is burned in a single pile that is less than two metres in diameter and less than two metres high.
  1. The fire is started not earlier than two hours before sunset and is extinguished not later than two hours after sunrise the following day, or earlier, during the fire season, unless day burning is permitted.
  2. The fire is at least two metres from any flammable materials.
  3. The person tending the fire has tools or water adequate to contain the fire within the fire site.

3.3       An exception to 3.2 will be granted for a campfire, campfires are permitted without a permit provided all other conditions under 3.1 are met. Property owners may register online to receive messages regarding burning conditions at   https://safd.burnpermits.com/.

3.4       Notwithstanding 3.2 and 3.3 above, no person shall set out an open-air fire during a restricted fire zone or a municipal fire ban.

3.5       Notwithstanding 3.2 and 3.3 above, no person shall continue to burn when wind conditions or other factors cause any or all of the following:

  1. a decrease in visibility on any highway or roadway;
  2. a rapid spread of fire through grass or brush areas;
  • an adverse effect on neighbouring lands or persons.

3.6       Any fire out of control shall be reported to the fire department by calling 911. A person who sets out an open-air fire and loses control of the said fire is required by this by-law to report the fire and loss of control to the fire department Immediately by calling 911.

3.7       The Chief Fire Official or designate is authorized to order any person to extinguish any fire or to cause such a fire to be extinguished when there is a breach of any provisions of this by-law, or, where in the opinion of the Chief Fire Official or designate, there is a danger of such fire spreading or causing the spread of fire or otherwise endangering life or property, and the person shall comply with any such order.

3.8       A person setting out a fire contrary to the provisions of this bylaw shall immediately extinguish such fire and a person setting out a fire which they may be unable to prevent from spreading shall immediately extinguish such fire, and in default of doing so, this

Township may do so at that person’s expense and this Township may recover the expense in doing so by action, or the same may be recovered in like manner as municipal taxes.

3.9       Notwithstanding any other Section of this Bylaw, the Fire Chief or designate may authorize a controlled burn of brush piles at a Municipal Landfill Site provided that, in their judgment,

  1. weather conditions are favorable to open air burning,
  2. there are competent Municipal employee(s) on had to perform the controlled burn, and
  • that the perimeter of the area to be burned has been cleared of flammable material.

4.1     The installation, use and maintenance of incinerators or burn barrels for the burning of wood like materials, paper and other Class “A” materials within the Township will only be pursuant to the following criteria:

  1. Incineration must be undertaken through the use of an enclosed device and;
  2. Incinerators or burn barrels must be located at least 5 meters from any forest or any building and;
  • Incinerators or burn barrels must be located at least 2 meters from any combustible material and;
  1. Incinerators or burn barrels must be covered by mesh less than 7 millimeters (1/4”) in size and;
  2. Incinerators or burn barrels are subject to all the provisions of Part 3 – Burning Restrictions and:
  3. Incinerators or burn barrels shall not be used during a fire ban.

Property owners are encouraged to read By-law # 21-639 known as the Burning By-law for more information.

By-Law 21-639 Burning By-Law 2023-05-05

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