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Friday December 14, 2018
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Council Summary

Mayor and Council

Jane A. E. Dumas, Mayor
Phone: 613 637-5261
Cell: 613 332-8357

Jane and Alexander have been life long residents of Whitney and their respective families have lived in the community for several generations. After attending school in Toronto and Ottawa and living in Toronto for a period of time they decide to return home.

Jane graduated from the Ottawa Civic Hospital School of Nursing and has been a registered nurse for 36 years. Her nursing career began in the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. When she and Alexander returned to their home town of Whitney in the mid 1970’s Jane worked in Home Care nursing in Renfrew County.

The majority of her nursing career was spent as a staff nurse and then in nursing administration at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in Barry’s Bay. During this time Jane represented the hospital on numerous committees and groups.

Jane served for several terms as a trustee on the Airy and Sabine District Area School Board.

Municipal politics have long been an interest and I appreciate the opportunity to experience this first hand. I look forward to working with the members of Council and the people of South Algonquin to ensure our township of South Algonquin remains vibrant and viable for present and future generations.

Joe Florent, Councillor-Murchison Ward
Phone: 613 637-2139
Cell: 613 334-2637

A father of four, stepfather of three, grandfather of fifteen, I was born in Whitney, raised and lived my whole life in Madawaska. With my wife Sharon, I plan on living the rest of my life in this community.
For most of the 1970’s I worked on road construction all over Ontario. From 1979 to retirement in 2016 I was employed by McRae Mills in Whitney.

I have been active in the community for many years. I was elected to the initial Local Services Board in Madawaska and served many more terms until it was dissolved in 1998. I was elected and served as Chairman of the Local Roads Board for over 15 years. I was elected to the initial South Algonquin Council in 1998 and I have been returned to Council again in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018.

I was a volunteer firefighter in the community for over 25 years, including 13 years as Chief of the Murchison and Lyell Fire Protection Team, and 3 years as Chief of the South Algonquin Fire Department.

I also am very active in the sport of archery, both competitively and as a hunter. I have been the Secretary Treasurer of the Flying Feathers Archery Club since 1995.

Dave Harper, Councillor-Airy Ward
Phone: 613 637-5535

I was born and raised in the farming country north of Toronto, and visited the Algonquin area frequently during our summer vacations. Upon completion of High School, I attended the Ontario Forest Ranger School at Dorset and after graduation I came to Whitney and in January 1969 started working for the Department of Lands and Forests later to become the Ministry of Natural Resources, out of the East Gate offices, and for the next 30 years I worked on Forest Management within Algonquin Park and the Area outside the Park known today as the Township of South Algonquin.

After retiring from the Ministry in 1998 my wife of 34 years and I started a consulting contracting business and have spent the last 9 years working in and around the Whitney area and during the past 4 decades I’ve appreciated the recreational and work opportunities this area has offered me and I’ve particularly enjoyed the people I’ve come in contact with.

Now as a Councillor I feel it’s time to try and give something back and that my past involvement with local organizations such as the Ministry of Natural Resources, Chamber of Commerce, Fish & Game Clubs and Volunteer Fire Department will give me the insight into how to accomplish this. Therefore I am looking forward to working together with the other members of the Council and the residents of South Algonquin for the betterment of our community.

Thank you for the opportunity, Dave Harper


Joey Vermaire, Councillor-Dickens Ward
Cell: 613 318-8320


Richard Shalla, Councillor-Sabine Ward
Phone: 613 637-2114









Bongo Mike, Councillor-Airy Ward
Cell: 613 553-1500

Sandra CollinsSandra Collins, Councillor-Lyell Ward
Cell: (613) 334-0478

Born, raised & educated in the U.K. Medical science based background before moving into education at high school level. Emigrated to Canada in 2007 with my husband and 2 sons. We previously owned All Star Resort in Madawaska and greatly enjoyed working in this area. We have recently just retired and my husband and I are looking forward to our retirement in this beautiful area.




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